⭔ Music ⭔

⭔ Selected Performances

Inca Roads (Frank Zappa), piano arrangement by me.

Blue Skies (Irving Berlin) feat Dannielle.

Echidna’s Arf of You (Frank Zappa), piano arrangement by me.

Eternal Mall

⭔ A Discordian’s Point of View

  • The Original Snub
  • 00023
  • How Do You Turn This Thing Off?
  • Latin Quarter (John Zorn)
  • The Sacred Chao
  • Eristic Properties
  • Illuminatus !
  • My Favorite Things (Richard Rodgers)
  • Fnord
  • RAW Audio
  • Inca Roads (Frank Zappa)
  • What a Dilemna (Fred Frith)
  • Fnord?

A Discordian’s Point of View is an ongoing progressive jazz project inspired by the music of John Zorn, Mats/Morgan, Ono Ryoko and Tatsuya Yoshida. It is themed around the discovery of Discordia. The music is driven in its composition and realisation by both Eristic and Aneristics principles.

⭔ Vaporwave

If you have listened to a lot of music with the tags vaporwave and plunderphonics on bandcamp, you might have stumbled some of my s e c r e t s t u f f …

⭔ Shoutout to my friends:


with the brilliant researcher Mathieu Fontaine.

Aviv Noam Quartet

with the epic double bassist Louis Bourhis.