⭔ Welcome ⭔

I am a research fellow in computer science interested in understanding, analyzing and modeling the creative processes used by musicians in their compositions, improvisations and stage performances, as well as creating new computer tools/toys/gizmos for human-machine interactions.
I have worked at Inria (Nancy), Ircam (Paris), EPFL (Lausanne), Université de Lille and KTH (Stockholm).

Special music interests: jazz, prog rock/zeuhl, noise, avant-garde, electronic music and vaporwave.

Research interests:

Music generation, human-machine interaction, machine learning, computational musicology, music structure analysis, machine learning applied to music, signal processing for sound and music, ethnomusicology, AI ethics.


Call for Paper: Computer Music Journal Special Issue on Musical Interactivity in Human-AI and AI-AI Partnerships
Editors: K. Déguernel, B. L. T. Sturm, A.-M. Gioti, G. Born
Submission deadline: December 31, 2022

CREAI 2022 – Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Creativity:
New paper: K. Déguernel, B. L. T. Sturm, H. Maruri-Aguilar. Investigating the relationship between liking and belief in AI authorship in the context of Irish traditional music. Proceedings of CREAI – Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Creativity, 2022.

Researcher at KTH:
I have the pleasure to join Bob Sturm’s team, in the scope of the ERC Project MUSAiC (ERC-2019-COG No. 864189), at KTH’s Speech, Music and Hearing division.

Sound and Music Computing 2022:
New paper: K. Déguernel, M. Giraud, R. Groult, S. Gulluni. Personalizing AI for co-creative music composition from melody to structure. Proceedings of the Sound and Music Computing Conference, 2022.
Soundtrack: http://algomus.fr/before-you-fly/

Conservatoire de Lille, Invited talk (2022):
Ken Déguernel,Intelligence artificielle et humaine – co-créativité musical