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⭔ Welcome

I am a CNRS Researcher in computer music interested in understanding, analyzing and modelling the creative processes used by musicians in their compositions, improvisations and stage performances, as well as creating new computer tools for musician-machine interactions, using AI, machine learning and ethnography.
I work at UMR 9189 – CRIStAL in the Algomus Team in Lille, France.
I also work with Bob Sturm in the scope of his ERC project MUSAIC and with Louis Bigo in the scope of his ANR project TABASCO.

Before that, I did my PhD at Inria (Multispeech) and Ircam (Musical representation) and then worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Ircam, EPFL (DCML), University of Lille (Algomus), and KTH (MUSAiC).

⭔ Studied Topics (in the map of Computer Music):

⭔ News:

Abstract accepted for the Workshop on the Study of Commercial Creative AI 2024:
P. Ericson, K. Déguernel (2024). Creative agency and the “democratisation” of skill. Workshop on the Study of Commercial Creative AI.

Paper accepted for Sound and Music Computing 2024:
A. D’Hooge, L. Bigo, K. Déguernel & N. Martin (2024). Guitar chord diagram suggestion for Western popular music. Sound and Music Computing.

Presentation for the Online Computational Creativity Reading Group:
Sturm et al. (2024): MusAIcology: AI Music and the need for a new kind of music studies

Abstract accepted for the AI Music Studies Conference 2024:
K. Déguernel, P. Ericson, B. Bacot (2024). Music generative AI as a pharmakon. AI Music Studies Conference.

Participation at the Ai Music Generation Challenge 2023:
Creation of an artificial music tradition: Scrap Metal: The Lost Sound of the 90s

Special Issue of Computer Music Journal on Musical Interactivity in Human-AI and AI-AI Partnerships:
Guest editors:
– Ken Déguernel (lead), Research fellow in Computer Science at CNRS (France)
– Bob. L. T. Sturm, Associate Professor of Computer Science, KTH (Sweden)
– Artemi-Maria Gioti, Research Fellow in Music and AI, UCL (UK) & Lecturer in New Media and Digital Technologies for Music, University of Music Dresden (Germany)
– Georgina Born, Professor of Anthropology and Music, Department of Anthropology & Institute of Advanced Studies, University College, London (UK)
Computer Music Journal 46(4): Papers available online + Sound Anthology

Paper accepted for EvoMUSART 2024:
D. Dalmazzo, K. Déguernel, B. L. T. Sturm (2024). The Chordinator: Modeling Music Harmony By Implementing Transformer Networks and Token Strategies. EvoMUSART

Paper released on SocArXiv:
B. L. T. Sturm, K. Déguernel, R. S. Huang, A. Holzapfel, O. Bown, N. Collins, J. Sterne, L. Cros Vila, L. Casini, D. Dalmazzo, E. A. Drott, and O. Ben-Tal (2024). MusAIcology: AI Music and the Need for a New Kind of Music Studies, SocArXiv