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⭔ CV

⭔ Positions:

2023+Research fellow at CNRS (Section 06), France
UMR 9189 – CRIStAL
2022Invited researcher at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
Division of Speech, Music and Hearing
2021-2022Postdoctoral researcher at University of Lille, France
Algomus team
2019-2020Postdoctoral researcher at EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
Digital and Cognitive Musicology Lab
2018Postdoctoral researcher at IRCAM, Paris, France
Musical representation team
2015-2018Ph.D. student at Inria, Nancy & IRCAM, Paris, France
Multispeech team

⭔ PH.D. Thesis:

Learning of Musical Structures in the Context of Improvisation

⭔ Emmanuel Vincent – Senior Researcher, Inria Nancy, France
⭔ Gérard Assayag – Senior Researcher, IRCAM, France
⭔ Elaine Chew – Professor, Queen Mary University of London, UK
⭔ Maxime Crochemore – Professor, King’s College London, UK
⭔ Florence Levé – Lecturer, University of Picardie, France
⭔ Kamel Smaïli – Professor, University of Lorraine, France

⭔ Diplomas:

  • M.Sc. in Acoustics, Signal Processing, and Computer Science Applied to Music (ATIAM) – IRCAM, UPMC, Paris, France
    Thesis: Learning of multidimensional music structures with probabilistic models (Supervisors: Emmanuel Vincent & Gérard Assayag)
  • M.Sc. in Theoretical Computer Science – University of Rouen, France
    Thesis: Theme and variations analysis with dynamic programming and timed-automata (Supervisor: Mathieu Giraud)
  • M.Eng. in Applied Mathematics – INSA Rouen, France
    Thesis: Automatic generation of 4-voice Renaissance style counterpoint on a Cantus Firmus (Supervisor: Nathalie Chaignaud)

⭔ Teaching:

  • AI and musical creativity, M.Art – University of Lille
  • Programming for music analysis and generation, M.Art – University of Lille
  • Musical Improvisation and creativity, B.Art – EPFL
  • Digital Musicology, M.Sc. – EPFL
  • Algorithmics and programming (Python), B.Sc. – University of Lorraine
  • Internet and IT, B.Sc. – University of Lorraine
  • Data Structure (C++), B.Sc. – University of Lorraine
  • 3D Modelling (C#), B.Sc. – University of Lorraine

⭔ Supervision:

  • Ph.D thesis (University of Lille): Alexandre D’Hooge – Analysis and prediction of playing techniques for guitar in tablatures (co-supervised w/ Louis Bigo)
  • Master thesis (EPFL): Arthur Parmentier – Soundpainting gesture recognition with Max/MSP (co-supervised w/ Sarah Kenderdine, Ronan Boulic and Constance Frei)
  • M.Sc. internship (Inria): Rémi Decelle – Reinforcement learning for automatic improvisation (co-supervised w/ Emmanuel Vincent and Nathan Libermann)
  • B.Sc. internship (Inria): Lucas Antonelli – Design and conception of an open-source online listening test platform (co-supervised w/ Emmanuel Vincent)

⭔ Grant and awards:

  • 2021: AI Song Context 2021, 3rd place (/38). The Last Moment Before You Fly – Gulluni x Algomus
  • 2020: Spark Grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation (95’775 CHF)
    Wanderful music: a systemic investigation into music-induced mind wandering (w/ Steffen Herff (PI) and Gabriele Cecchetti)
  • 2016: Best poster award, Young Researchers in Acoustics, Signal and Hearing Days, Paris, France.

⭔ Scientific service:

  • Lead guest editor for the Computer Music Journal Special Issue on Musical Interactivity in Human-AI and AI-AI Partnerships (w/ Bob L. T. Sturm, Artemi-Maria Gioti and Georgina Born)
  • Reviewer for Computer Music Journal and TISMIR
  • Reviewer for ISMIR, Sound and Music Computing, and AIMC